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Audience Data Solutions Pty Ltd

Media Audience Modelling, Fusion and Database Solutions

Audience Data Solutions (ADS) specializes in media audience modelling, data integration and related database solutions, to provide clients with what is necessary for successful audience measurement and media planning systems. Client groups we seek to serve include joint industry committees (‘JICs’) for audience measurement, media owners and research companies. ADS has a demonstrable track record in developing integrated databases and end-user applications where large, diverse and often complex media data-sets are brought together to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Research Design

With extensive experience in media research practice, media planning software and database management, ADS is ideally suited to assist research companies in designing state-of-the-art audience measurement systems.

Media Data Fusion

ADS has expertise in fusion techniques and has pioneered on-the-fly methods of integrating diverse data sources to provide more wide-ranging information than what is available from any data-set alone, while also avoiding ‘regression to the mean’ in fused data.

Database Solutions

ADS offers professional database and systems development, whether the solution be desktop or web-based. ADS has proven ability to get user-friendly media analysis and planning systems up and running on time and on budget.



ADS developed the audience measurement system used by the Out-Of-Home industry in the USA, by integrating diverse data sources such as travel surveys and census information to model the residential origins and demographics of people passing advertising billboards. The database provided statistical profiles of more than 400,000 billboards across the country.

   Regional / Community Newspapers

With special expertise also in print media audience measurement, ADS integrated newspaper readership surveys, census and circulation data to model the audiences of regional and community newspapers throughout Australia, to provide an audience database that updates itself automatically with each new circulation audit.

   News Brands 

Newspapers today are News Brands, having an important presence on-line as well as on the news stands. ADS designs data integration solutions to bring together print and web audience research – plus publishers’ internal information on their subscribers – to bridge the gaps in demographic and reach/frequency data and enable publishers to better meet the needs of their advertisers.