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Who is the DOOH guru?

You are!  Or at least you can become one.  Interacting with this blog may help.  Let me tell you something about myself.  I develop algorithms to guide advertising media strategies, especially ones based on Digital Out-Of-Home media (DOOH).  The great flexibility that digital technologies bring to OOH – e.g. enabling ads to be targeted to traffic demographics by time of day – creates opportunities for DOOH advertisers to greatly improve ROI through media schedule optimization.

In this blog I discuss optimization issues and explain the inner workings of a number of algorithms.  Comments are invited, and I’ll do my best to promptly answer as many questions as possible.  So let’s get into it by starting with an explanation of how Reach/Frequency models work.  I’ll provide some simple math that you can implement yourself.

A Reach/Frequency Model You Can Implement Yourself

Enquiring media planners might not happily accept reach/frequency calculations without question and may be a little distrustful of arcane mathematical models. So this paper explains and provides a set of easily understood equations that can be implemented in a spreadsheet program by anyone who wishes to better understand the inner workings of reach models.

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